Drilling the first exploration well Polshkov-1

In the last days of April 2016 the drillship Noble Globetrotter II sailed away from port of Burgas and headed to the location of the first exploration well on the Han Asparuh Block in a quest for hydrocarbons. Polshkov-1 is the first deepwater well in Bulgarian waters of the Black Sea. 

  • The drillship Noble Globetrotter II

    The drillship Noble Globetrotter II

Complex operations

This journey back in time in the underground geological formations of the Earth requires professional experience and knowledge – features that Han Asparuh team possesses. Our specialists face the challenge to overcome 2000 m of water and 4000 m of rock. The drilling campaign is supported by complete logistic chain that includes 3 supply vessels, 2 helicopters and a shore base in Varna.

In the drilling operations Total E&P Bulgaria remains committed to applying its high standards for health, safety and environment. After the completion of drilling no permanent installation stays in the water.

Advanced Technologies

Total relies on the latest generation drillship Noble Globetrotter II which has an excellent safety record and uses advanced conventional technologies. The drillship is state of the art and has a Dynamic Positioning system where a computer automatically manages the power of 6 propellers to keep the ship on location in the deep waters whatever the weather conditions. The drillship is also equipped with a remote operated submarine to observe what is happening at the bottom of the sea.

The exploration will provide information on whether there is any oil or gas. If the presence of hydrocarbons is identified additional analysis will be required to assess their potential and economic viability.

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