The largest 3D seismic exploration in the Black Sea

The 3D seismic survey was implemented by one of our partners – OMV who managed to collect all the data needed for the further steps in the project.

  • Seismic vessel_EN

    Seismic vessel acquiring data

  • Computer Pangea

    Total's powerful computer Pangea is processing the data

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  • Seismic vessel_EN
  • Computer Pangea

Seismic data acquisition was conducted in Bulgarian waters and is the largest so far in the Black Sea. 

We have successfully acquired 7 740 sq. km of 3D and 3000 km of 2D seismic data from Block Khan Asparuh. Large amount of data was collected from the seismic studies. If you put this data on CDs, their height would be as tall as the Eiffel Tower. The data acquired from Bulgarian waters and processed is used to define a drilling location for oil and gas. Our partner OMV managed the seismic operations which was the initial step to build the geological models.

High technology

Everyone is familiar with the use of echography to image babies. Seismic data acquisition is based on the same principle but on a much larger scale. The acquisition of the seismic data in Block Khan Asparuh took place between September 2012 and January 2014. During the survey international industry guidelines were followed and measures were taken to observe and protect marine mammals. Data was acquired with a seismic vessel. The data was processed and interpreted using super computers as Total’s Pangea.

Energy diversification possibilities

Exploration and possible production from Block Han Asparuh could open new horizons for Bulgaria. Little information was available on deep-sea underground in this area. Such a large scale acquisition from the Black Sea is a milestone in the process of understanding the resource potential of Bulgaria. If economic quantities of hydrocarbons are found, this will bring energy diversification for the country.




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